It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas

Christmas is one of my favourite times of year, and this is the first year that I am living in London, so it means decorating, crimbo parties and carol singing before I head back to the wilds of Norfolk to spend time with my family.

Me and my housemate have been in our flat for about 3 months now, so we wanted to do a belated housewarming and christmas party, obviously the first port of call in undertaking this was decking the halls!

We had been buying decorations here and there over the last few months so we would have everything by December, there was the one incident where I ordered candy canes to put on the tree and they turned out a bit bigger than I had anticipated…

candy canes, decorations, christmas
Always check the dimensions before ordering.

But idiocy aside we put everything up at the beginning of December and we love it.


Then it was onto the housewarming and celebrations, we had sent out the invites early because we know people get busy at this time of year, so like little elves (well, me little, my housemate is more like an elf from Lord Of The Rings) we sorted out the flat and food, and it was a great success (apart from the plumbing emergency which put an end to it).

The party really was a lovely evening, and it really did put everyone into the christmas spirit (we won’t mention the home emergency that happened towards the end of the night – we were without water for 2 days)

christmas, girls, housemateschristmas party, christmas do, friends, shindig

And of course the area we live in has been making us feel very christmassy too from cold misty mornings, to Father Christmas, community choirs and Jim Broadbent.
father christmas, santa clausJim Broadbent, christmas

I hope that has put you into the Christmas mood! This time next week it is Christmas Day itself!


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